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Audio version of Last of the Chosen on Audible.com, narrated by Jared Wekenman

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Wisdom of the Chosen, book five of the Spirit of Empire series

Looking for classic style science fiction? Adventure? Characters with whom you can identify and call friend? A little romance?

Test the waters with Spirit of Empire, a science fiction/fantasy series of four full-length novels that you won’t want to put down.

With over 50,000 eBooks sold, the series carries a 4.6 star rating on Amazon.com. Comments include: hard to put down; family friendly yet thoroughly engaging for all age groups; focused on refreshing values of duty, honor, and loyalty; and the Best SF Novel of the Year.

Readers ranging in age from 12 to 95 have responded enthusiastically, and the series has proven equally enjoyable to men and women.

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